I currently offer private and semi-private lessons for students who are new to yoga, interested in exploring depth in practice, addressing specific issues, or simply need to move with personalized guidance. In the past I have worked with clients on injury and pain management and rehabilitation, stress and sleep disorders, developmental issues, post-surgery recovery, meditation, complementary work with health regiments or with medical treatments, specific asana groups (like backbends or inversion work), and much more.  Private sessions are truly beneficial when you are seeking to reach new levels in your life and I don’t just mean physical, your mental, and emotional levels of consciousness will continue to expand and evolve in pleasantly surprising ways.

I have training and experience in therapeutic applications of yoga as well as Somatic Movement Therapy methods, and have worked with clients of all ages and abilities, all of whom have different pursuits in our work together. I can work in your home or in a studio, although I recommend a studio with ample props for those who are working with serious limitations or injuries.

Sessions may be one on one, with a friend, or with a couple of friends. (Pets can hang out, too!) They often run from 60- 90 minutes. Private sessions are tailor-made to meet your goals or desires. Most sessions include, but are not limited to: asana (either a rigorous flow, supported restorative asanas, and/or therapeutics), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, visualization techniques, as well as a variety of Somatic Movement Therapy and Education methods. You can read more about these modalities here.

Additional discounts for 10 or 20 session packages.

For more information or to book a session, please reach out here.

Benefits of receiving private guidance are

  • A safe and supported space where you can explore your practice.
  • The ability to take time and focus on specific poses that you are interested in 
  • Addressing any physical concerns you may have, using modifications and proper adjustments.
  • Receiving techniques and tools specific to YOU that you can utilize in your every day life


$100/hour for an individual

$140-180/hour for a joint lesson (you + 1 or 2 friends/co-workers/significant other)

Contact me about rates for groups or corporate yoga.

Different rates for early mornings (before 8am) or for further destinations may apply.

Rates do not include space rental at yoga studios.

We can meet at a studio in lower-Manhattan or in Brooklyn where they will have all the accoutrements for you to use. A space rental fee will apply. 

Or I can come to you, but you must have your own mat and a few essential yoga props:

yoga blocks, at least one yoga blanket (or suitable stand-in), and a yoga strap. A bolster and eye pillow can be really nice too, but not essential unless we are going to do primarily restorative yoga. Please email me if you have questions about what kind of mat or props to buy.

Cancellation Policy

Please respect the 24-hour cancellation policy: 

Lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours before your appointment time to avoid being charged.