I practice a Hatha-based Vinyasa flow style yoga peppered with Ayurvedic principles and practices from Qi Gong, the Chakra system, and various forms of meditation. I am drawn to energetic healing work, particularly Clairvoyant Meditation, as well as the form of Restorative Yoga. Restorative yoga consists of postures that are supported by props or the wall, and are usually seated or laying down, setting the conditions to stay in postures for 5 or more minutes without any tension or discomfort. This allows me to come into complete relaxation and a sense of wholeness. My practice guides me through layers of consciousness, releasing tension and traveling through energetic fields of awareness. This restorative yoga practice stills the mind, balances the nervous system, and improves my overall capacity for healing and ease of movement



I have been practicing Chakra Meditation as my primary mode of meditation and spiritual healing with Psychotherapist, Susan Feinbloom since 2012.  In addition, Mindfulness meditation practices, such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction principles and programming as well as self-regulation skills are tools in my meditation toolbox for my personal and professional life regularly. I also interweave Yoga Nidra meditation, guided visualization, and Universal Healing Tao techniques into my practice.

She is the only teacher in the city I keep coming back to. I am thankful to get to practice with her as my guide.
— Angela Mulligan, Director of Creating Resonance

Photo: Laura Barztak

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