I employ my specialties in Trauma-Sensitive YogaYoga Therapy Certificate, and the Lineage Project Teaching Model for Youth At-Risk in order to connect and find freedom of personal expression in one's body for the most sensitive communities. Communities I have worked with include:

Grand Street Settlement's Bushwick-Hyland Community Center 

Metropolitan Community Church of New York (MCCNY) Homeless Youth Services 

Exhale to Inhale Partnership Shelters & Community Groups

By creating the conditions for individuals to be present in the moment in their physical bodies, I help to facilitate the relaxation response and continuously offers people the opportunity to discover new choices in their bodies. This primary step has the capacity to rewire the reactionary decisions, based on past-time experiences and change our lives. Together, we begin to make mindful choices more often, thereby re-patterning the neuro-muscular system achieving the most optimal function of  vital life systems, stress management, and positive self-image.  

Please contact me to enhance your community services, wellness, and/or healing programming.