Somatic Movement Class and Privates with Corinne Cappelletti emphasize individual body knowledge and enliven layers of consciousness through the awareness of movement patterns. From a theoretical framework called Laban Movement Analysis, the neurophysical and developmental underpinnings of movement are explored through Bartenieff FundamentalsTM (BF), along with body awareness, breath support, grounding, dynamic alignment, in tandem with relaxation techniques from yoga and mindfulness practices. From a place of natural healing we then re-educate the body’s alignment and re-pattern initiation and sequencing of movement in order to provide a physical experience of change. Corinne designs uniquely practical and effective approaches to aligning your body, mind and spirit with your highest potential. 

Corinne offers 60-minute private sessions in one or any combination of the following holistic healing modalities:

Somatic Movement Therapy - facilitating inner experiences of our bodies through the felt-sense and experiential anatomy, in order to deepen our understanding of ourselves in motion. It is a personal and transformational learning process including various modalities and forms of expression such as sound, breath, touch and imagery in addition to movement. More info here (

Restorative Yoga - Restorative Yoga is mainly practiced lying down, sitting, or supported by a wall using a variety of props so you can stay in the asana for 5 minutes or more without discomfort, risk of injury, or pain. Each restorative aims to achieve deep relaxation by creating a sense of being held and supported and thereby, activating the relaxation response in the nervous system and restoring a sense of wholeness, and rejuvenating the innate bio-chemical muscular and energetic capacity of health, healing, and balance in the body.

Therapeutic Yoga - instruction in Yogic practices and teachings to prevent, reduce or alleviate structural, physiological, emotional and spiritual pain, suffering or limitations.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga – style of yoga that follows the breath as a metronome and union to flow through a sequence of postures/asana.

Bartenieff Fundamentals - learn the basic 6 and principles of movement with direct application to a specific movement activity, sport, exercise. More info here (

Laban Movement Analysis – teaches vocabulary and ways to experience expressive movement and non-verbal communication breaking it down in four basic categories: Body, Effort, Shape, and Space (B.E.S.S.). Through BESS we look at how these elements interplay in a given action or movement as well as observe the change over time, allowing us to see patterns in context, and understand the rhythms of change. Learn more here (

Personal Postural Assessment Plan (Most effective in 7-session or 12-session packages) – Assess alignment and postural muscles to understand what areas may need stability or strengthening and what areas require increased mobility for more efficient, easeful movement and stillness.

Dance Improvisation & Authentic Movement