Monday 7am - 8am | Brooklyn Yoga Collective

This class takes you on a journey through restorative asana (poses) and vinyasa flow sequences focused on linking the breath to movement. An opening sequence includes restorative asana, often supported by props, and a centering meditation. We set an intention for the practice and invite our whole self to be present. An active flow of asana follows, exploring various concepts (weight-distribution, spatial-intent, and effort-intent) and phrasing of moving in and out of postures. Attention to muscular-skeletal alignment and breath awareness encourages students to listen and make choices for oneself in the moment. Interweaving our personal intention intermittently throughout class we discover the transformational change of yoga, coming full circle with seated and reclined postures aimed to relax the nervous system as well as the muscles and fascia and concluding with the blissful rest of savasana (corpse pose).